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dental plan

Dental Insurance

Choose from various types of dental plan:

1.  Discount Plans:
dental insurance plan

Most, if not all, procedures are offered at a reduced charge that may be anywhere from 10% to 50% less than what regular dental charges are for that procedure in your area.

Typically, there are no waiting periods and no annual limits on benefits.

You must go to dentists who have joined the discount network. If your dentist is not a member, you would have to change dentists. There is no coverage outside the list of dentists.

A plan like this is not insurance. It is a fee-for-service discount dental plan. As a condition of being included in the list of dental providers, the dentist agrees to charge less than average fees, as specified in the network schedule of dental charges.

2.  'Any dentist' insurance:

Go to any licensed dental provider and you are reimbursed a percentage of covered expenses according to the policy. To control costs, some of these plans have a network price schedule that many dentists (network providers) have agreed to. If you go to a network dentist, you will not be charged more than the schedule. If you go to non-network providers, those dentists set their own charges and you may have to pay the difference.

discount dental

The premium for this type of plan is typically more per month than for a discount plan because there is a reimbursement for expenses incurred instead of receiving the benefit of a discounted price.

These plans have initial waiting periods and annual limits on benefits.

3.  Network Insurance:

Network membership plans usually have many more providers in their networks than discount plans do. They are insurance plans paying for services provided by network dentists and are not discount plans.

A network plan may be limited to network dentists only or may pay for any dentist's services but with better reimbursement for network dentists (like an "any dentist" plan). Insurers listed here may also offer discount plans as well.